My LJ friend Batarang recently posted a list of 100 things that she has done, and it’s a pretty great idea that I had to take off on, meme-style. I don’t know what time period Rachel was using, but I decided on the past ten years because that encompasses life changes like college, jobs, moving, etc. Ten years ago, I was almost 17 and I was in my junior year of high school at McIntosh. And it quickly becomes apparent that I was and am a nerd.

1. Won a silver medal at the Spanish poetry declamation contest at Clemson University
2. Ran for co-president of the National Spanish Honors Society and lost, but only because the advisor wouldn’t allow two presidents and I think I ceded it to Jenny Carlton, who is still my Facebook friend.
3. Asked a guy on a “date” to take the SAT. We went through the Arby’s drive through afterward and I haven’t been in touch with him since. But still, I asked.
4. Competed in another Spanish competition–I can’t recall the name nor the outcome.
5. Earned the title of Features Editor of my school newspaper.
6. Went to the Georgia Journalism Academy for a week at UGA. I was miserable, but I survived.
7. Traveled to England and France with my family to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins.
8. Attended my first writers’ workshop at a Barnes & Noble. Everyone was much older than me.
9. Scored well (I can’t remember how well) on the AP Spanish exam–my one and only AP class.
10. Bought a self help-style book made for quirky girls my age, loved it, and felt more confident than ever.
11. Survived a horrendous group project and carried the presentation on my own, and astounded the class and teacher. I recently came across the dress I wore to present. It still fits but isn’t terribly stylish, but I have to hold onto it because of that memory.
12. Made a vow not to drink in high school and kept to it, mostly out of stubbornness and lack of opportunity.
13. Learned to paint with watercolors and considered studying art in college.
14. Traveled to New York City for the first time.
15. Moved to LaGrange for college.
16. Embraced how dorky I really was, thanks to a new group of friends.
17. Became adventurous and slightly risk-taking.
18. Started intramural yoga classes.
19. Joined and promptly became Features Editor of my college newspaper.
20. Broke up with an unhealthy boyfriend.
21. Worked up to jogging 6 miles, the equivalent of a 10K. Never ran one, but did run a 5K.
22. Recovered from anorexia.
23. Wrote part of a novel and then committed to being an English major.
24. Became Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper.
25. Participated in numerous Habitat for Humanity builds, including the Jimmy Carter Work Project.
26. Stopped jogging because my knees hurt and I never really enjoyed it. Started fast walking, instead, which I like.
27. Got my first pair of glasses.
28. Participated in my college’s open mic nights.
29. My poems were published in my college’s literary magazine.
30. Bungee jumped
31. Met Jeffrey.
32. Got a summer internship at Art & Antiques magazine.
33. Wore nothing under my gown at my convocation at a Methodist church and got away with it.
34. Got Dulin the fish.
35. Voted in my first presidential election.
36. Learned to knit.
37. Stopped shopping at WalMart.
38. Became interested i photography.
39. Stopped identifying with any one religion.
40. Expanded my musical tastes and social circle.
41. Started a moderately successful LiveJournal.
42. Became interested in women’s health and active in related internet communities.
43. Saw my first performance of the Vagina Monologues and reunited with a friend I hadn’t seen since middle school.
44. Traveled to and fell in love with New Orleans.
45. Successfully crashed a school formal, obviously drunk and wearing jeans and a tie.
46. Wrote and presented my senior thesis.
47. Had my senior thesis published in my college’s journal of undergraduate research.
48. Graduated college magna cum laude with a B.A. in English and a minor in Spanish.
49. Taught myself a little-bit-more-than-basic HTML.
50. Traveled to Las Vegas, Arizona, and Death Valley with my family–my first trip further west than Louisiana.
51. Got a kitten, then survived returning it to its first owner because of my untreated allergies
52. Attended my first Pride celebration.
53. Got a job at a corporate defense law firm.
54. Started volunteering at Feminist Women’s Health Center.
55. Got a new job at Art & Antiques magazine.
56. Traveled to Boston to meet people I only knew online. My first solo plane trip!
57. Participated in my first rallies and marches–for immigrant rights and against the war.
58. Was diagnosed with depression and survived it.
59. Resumed yoga classes.
60. Quit my magazine job.
61. Took a month-long sabbatical at my parents’ house, spent watching The Office DVDs, celebrating Christmas, reading, and sending out resumes.
63. Got a job at Feminist Women’s Health Center.
64. Became devoted to reproductive justice, trans health, and gay parenting issues.
65. Became a pescetarian.
66. Started carpooling, stopped driving so much.
67. Got into Auburn University’s and Georgia State University’s M.A. in English programs. Decided on GSU.
68. Improved on my Spanish skills through daily practice.
69. Became devoted to fighting for immigrants’ rights.
70. Moved into a ca. 1915 apartment, just like I’ve always wanted to live in.
71. Got a MacBook, finally.
72. Started grad school.
73. Quit grad school.
74. Acted for the first time in a friend’s amateur production of a TV show.
75. Volunteered at The Vagina Monologues and met Eve Ensler, Jane Fonda, and others.
76. Went to my first gay and lesbian bars.
77. Celebrated my first Hanukkahs with two dear friends.
78. Traveled to D.C. for the second time.
79. Adopted Violet from Good Mews.
80. Moved up to become a counselor at work.
81. Became interested in birthing rights and breast feeding rights.
82. Joined knitting group(s)
84. Learned to pole dance at a co-worker’s birthday party.
85. Resumed yoga again, this time seriously.
86. Traveled to Disney World and other Orlando attractions.
87. Traveled to Chicago for the first time.
88. Picked up sketching again.
89. Committed to making an effort to buy as many thrifted clothes as possible.
90. Became involved in the Fat Acceptance movement.
91. Decided to become a yoga teacher by the time I’m 30.
82. Participated in my first Passover seder with a dear friend ad her family.
94. Traveled to New York City again.
95. Supported a friend through a pregnancy and single motherhood, and fell in love with a baby for the first time.
96. Attended the Abortion Care Network conference and saw abortion superstars speak.
97. Spoke at a vigil for Dr. Tiller.
98. Was invited (and accepted) to participate in a secret project.
99. Attended my first Soutern Comfort Conferece with dear friends.
100. Started swimming laps.