I just posted a link to this article on the illusion of makeup on my Facebook page, but because I can’t let things go (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing), I’m posting it here, too. I really don’t care what men think of my makeup or lack thereof, but people in general seem troubled by it. Friends have questioned my feminism because I wear it, and strangers have offered me a makeover when I’m not wearing any. And friends and strangers have asked if I’m tired or if I’m feeling OK when I’m not wearing any makeup. And let me tell you, if I was feeling OK (and even confident), I sure lost that feeling when they basically told me I looked like crap without foundation and mascara.

I buy drug store makeup and keep it in a sandwich-sized Ziploc Baggie, so don’t get it twisted. I wear foundation and a tiny bit of bronzer because of 17 years’ worth (!) of acne scarring on my translucent skin inherited from northern European ancestors on both sides. I know “they” say acne doesn’t cause “scars” per se, but I know I have red marks all over my face and my skin will never be described as “glowing” and “flawless.” I actually don’t care about the prospect of getting wrinkles, but I’d prefer not to have the visible acne memories. I also wear eyeliner (on the top lid only because I listen to Carmindy) and mascara because I love the length of my eyelashes and because without makeup, my lashes are so blond, it looks like they’re nonexistent, length or no. It’s been a while since I’ve been complimented on my makeup, which I think means I’m keeping it subtle enough. But when it’s not there? Boy, oh boy, does that make people uncomfortable.