There used to be a No Fear T-shirt that said, “[sport name] is life. The rest is just details.” Mine, if I wore a No Fear T-shirt in 2010, which I wouldn’t (and don’t), would probably say, “Abortion is life. The rest is just details.” And what I have learned is that is false. Life is details. Life is yoga, and friends at the clinic and not at the clinic, and writing, and jade plants, and mantras, and Trader Joe’s lentil dip, and family, and summer rain, and clean sheets, and pretty scarves, and books, and knitting, and icing, and treetops, and peaches, and old favorite stuffed animals, and magazines, and seashells, and NPR, and ’80s music, and letting go and reconnecting, and dangly earrings, and candlelight, and tea, and photography, and handmade soap, and porches, and handstands. I am not my job. My job is a detail of my life–a wonderful, meaningful, dynamic detail of a wonderful, meaningful, dynamic life.
Instant mood-booster and the first photo of myself I’ve posted here.